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Overstuffed and Under-experienced

clutterExperiences make people much happier than material items because we become bored with our purchases rather quickly, while the memories of experiences are ingrained forever. Never have I felt this more than when I recently came across some autographed framed photos and baseballs hidden away in my closet. I probably enjoyed them for a week or two about 20 years ago. It got me thinking hard about the things I buy and the stuff I hold on to for too long. Beyond the happiness factor, are there any other benefits that might come from downsizing our stuff?

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Done by 60: Living Abroad—a Look at Life as an Expat

relaxI often wonder what I would do if my worst financial doomsday scenario happened. Maybe some unforeseen event ends my career prematurely. Maybe my mom needs thousands of dollars for long-term care. My current fantasy solution is to become a Central American expat living for about 50 cents on the dollar in a small modern house with minimal stuff, a great view and fun part-time work in adventure tourism.

Whether it’s a doomsday scenario, a desire to stretch the dollar in the retirement years or the urge to have financial freedom sooner in life, the expat route is becoming more attractive and realistic to Americans as other nations become more developed.

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Done by 60: Case in Point

retiredFor the past year, I’ve shared ideas about how you can achieve a state of financial independence (the point where you work because you want to, not in order to maintain your lifestyle) by age 60. As an advisor, it brings me great joy when a couple delivers a highlights reel of how, on their own, they are actually making this happen.

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Done by 60: Final Home Destination

relocationPeople often plan for retirement based on their current lifestyle, which includes the cost of living in their current city. How much sooner could you retire if you moved to a city with a lower cost of living once you stopped working full time? As it turns out, the cost of staying in that big, expensive city (I’m talking to you, San Francisco and New York) can easily hit six figures and add several years to your work life.
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Done by 60: Less House, More Experiences

small-houseThe tiny house movement is sweeping the nation. While, according to Wikipedia, the average size of a new house grew from 1,780 square feet in 1978 to 2,662 in 2013, some people are focusing on “tiny houses,” which are less than 1,000 square feet. So what gives? Are these people finally realizing that experiences make people happier than “stuff”? Read More »

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