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Done by 60: Overstaying Your Welcome

homeownerBreaking news! Home ownership, if done right and in long stretches, can result in lower housing costs than if you were to rent that same house. OK, so you already knew that. But remaining a homeowner into your 60s? Now you’re just overstaying your welcome. By planning now to be a renter later, you can shave several years off your work life.

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Done by 60

ecuadorI’m moving to Ecuador! Not this year, of course, but I’ve started to view my own retirement plan through a very different lens. I notice that people almost always plan for retirement by projecting their current lifestyle (spending) into the future instead of planning for a future they’ve designed. Well, I’ve decided I am going to design a plan in which I’m done by 60.

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Talking to Your Elderly Family Members About Fixing Their Portfolios

son and motherA client of mine (let’s call him Mike) recently showed me his 86-year-old mom’s portfolio. Mike’s father had handled the investment decisions, so his mother has let the portfolio run on autopilot since he died. Mike and his siblings are concerned about the contents of her nest egg, since 80% of it is in just a handful of blue chip stocks (gulp). So how do we help our elderly moms fix their broken portfolios when they ask for help?

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Mind the (Age) Gap

Mind-the-GapI could hear the pain in her voice when she shared her biggest concern: not being able to spend more time with her retired, much older spouse because she has to work in order to support their lifestyle. Since they didn’t do any advance planning and weren’t good at saving in their 40s and 50s, early retirement is not an option for her. Having just begun my own relationship with someone older, it got me thinking about the challenges that might lie ahead for us.

My guess is that he will be winding down with work or outright retiring when I’m still going strong with my career. So does that mean he will be eager to travel his pants off while I’m still in full-time work mode?  What will my role be if he has health issues? Intergenerational couples (age gap of 10 years or more) with dual incomes should discuss some of these potential issues early on in their relationship.

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Turbo Charge Your 401(k)

401kIf you’re earning a six-figure salary and enrolled in a company 401(k) plan, here’s a “hot investment tip” that could result in significant annual tax savings and a larger future nest egg—and you may not need to save a penny more than you’re saving now.

Warning! This article is going to get into the specific math and legal details of how to execute a tax strategy. It will probably apply only to high-earning baby boomers who contribute to a 401(k). If you want it explained in plain English, call your CFP or CPA.

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